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Marvelous Monday!

Hey there! Can you believe it is Monday already?!

The weekend always goes by so fast! But I wanted to participate is my friend Katie’s “Marvelous Monday” post! So here are some things that are making my Monday….well…marvelous:


My Mom (tomorrow is her birthday):



Getting a much needed hair cut: 



The Pittsburgh Arts Festival (and dancing robots!!):


Caramel Macchiatos (photo taken while blogging): 


Words of wisdom: 


What is making your Monday Marvelous???

PS…Who is going to HLS this year?! I would love to meet you!




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Hey friends! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty laid back since I worked yesterday and the weather was pretty crappy!

However, I did go out with my friend Julia who was home for the last couple of weeks before going back to grad school… 😔

We went to one of my favorite places for dinner–Ichiban Steakhouse. I normally roll with the steakhouse dinner, but instead we rolled with some sushi! 😉

I started with the seaweed salad…holy yum. I didn’t know what to expect with the taste, but it was so good. I will be having this again.


As for our rolls, we decided on American Dream roll, Beauty and the Beast, and the Panda roll…


I think my favorite was the American Dream…can’t wait to try some more.


Afterwards we went to a semi new bar close to my house called Bonnie & Clyde’s…it was a cool place, even though the creepers were out in full force. 😉

I am sad that Julia is going back to school so soon, can’t wait to see her again!!


What is your favorite sushi?

Also, don’t forget about Katie’s challenge… #teatime12


I made some ginger iced tea…sweetened with a little bit of vanilla stevia…delicious and refreshing!

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Breathe it in

Who do you want to be?

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Happy hump day! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Mine has seemed to be super long–why does that always happen after a brief vacation??

As you may know, over the weekend I headed out to Philly to see one of my very best friends (and my sorority Big), Lauren :). Most of the weekend was spent catching up and reminiscing about our college days! But I figured I would give you a brief photo tour of the weekend.

Friday was spent wandering around Philly–we were lucky to have really nice weather, and then sun even came out in the afternoon:

After spending the day working up an appetite and breezing through touristy things, we decided we better refuel with some snacks and martinis.

I got the chance to go back to Reading Terminal Market and visit the Flying Monkey which my eyes were drooling over at the HLS cocktail party!

I got a banana creme whoopie pie, and it was to die for! 🙂  We wandered around for a while more and ended up grabbing a drink (it was called a Hawaii 5-0–very tasty) and some hummus at Continental Martini Bar. It was a cute little place, which is apparently well known!

Later in the night we of course had to have our real dinner…a showdown between Geno’s and Pat’s!  They are feuding cheesesteak  diners that offer speedy service and are located right across the street from each other. We ordered one from each location and split them. My vote…

…Pat’s wins! I liked the flavor of their steak better, and the owner offered to cut the sandwich for us. 🙂 We decided that was enough excitement for the day because we wanted to be well rested for our long day of walking in NYC!

We started off with a short drive to Jersey to take a train to the city. I have never been on a train before, so that was pretty exciting!

As soon as we got to NYC we immediately warmed up with some coffee at Starbucks…I think I lost count of how many there was after about 26. More than one on every corner! 🙂 We wandered around the whole day visiting places in Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Brooklyn, SOHO, and Chinatown…we must have walked 8 miles or so.

As far as food, we weren’t too worried about where we would eat because we just wanted to see as much of the city as we could…but of course we had to stop at Magnolia Bakery. And it was delicious! Though if we are being honest…I had to waste some of the frosting because I was on sugar overload! 🙂

I loved seeing all of the expensive stores (a girl can dream?!) and sights of the city. I also got to ride “On the 6″…I channeled my inner J-Lo. Obviously.

Haha!! Overall, it was a very fun weekend! I hope to go back to NYC again and see some more things. I would love to go when they are filming the Today Show! 🙂

What is your favorite thing about NYC? Have you taken any weekend trips lately?

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Master your own domain…

Exciting steps:

The little blog is growing up! Thanks for following along! 🙂


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Adventures in baking

Hey there!

How is your week going so far! Half way to the weekend! 🙂

We started our holiday baking today…and so far have only made one of our “traditional” cookies! But if you are looking for some yummy cookies for the holidays, here are some ideas (recipes are in the links):

Bon Bons for Baby Jesus

White Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Holly Wreaths 

Funfetti Cookies

We also made our family recipe for pizzelles (Italian waffle cookies):

Yum!! I can’t wait to have some! But for now–time for work!

What kinds of cookies does your family make at Christmas time??

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Random Sunday post…

Hey everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, mine is flying by! But here are some random things that are making my morning fun:

“Master Plan” by Essie! I am loving the neutral colors right now. 🙂

“Holiday Gumdrop” candle from Bath and Body Works is making my room smell amazing!

“Vanilla Tini” that I got free at B&BW yesterday (and free socks!!)…smells sooo good!

Well, I am off to get ready for a blogger meet-up later today! So excited to see Katie!


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