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25 Goals for 2013

So. I took an unplanned hiatus from the blog world. My deepest apologies–but sometimes life gets in the way. I decided that a fun thing to do with the blog will be to start the new year with a goal list.

Some big things, some small. But overall, all things that I have been wanting to do, and should do, over the next year.

I plan to keep updating the list as I go, and to blog about them as they are crossed off!

And just for fun, why not participate in Katie’s challenge along the way?

Without any futher adieu:

  1. Read all of the books (that I haven’t finished) on my shelf.
  2. Wake up early enough for breakfast before work.
  3. Meal plan for lunches.
  4. Redesign the blog.
  5. Save $2,500
  6. Pay off credit card debt.
  7. Cook a new recipe each month.
  8. Go on a road trip.
  9. Take Garrett to Morraine State Park.
  10. Take a yoga class.
  11. Make a new friend.
  12. Visit two vineyards.
  13. Finish Fitmixer Boot Camp.
  14. Go to three museums in Pittsburgh.
  15. Eat vegetarian for an entire week.
  16. Go rock climbing.
  17. Go snowboarding.
  18. Take Garrett on more walks.
  19. Drink more tea.
  20. Attend a service at a new church.
  21. Call a friend or family member once a week.
  22. Create three projects off Pinterest.
  23. Complete the C25k plan. (I want to enjoy running, I really do! We have a love/hate relationship.)
  24. Go to  a Pens game.
  25. Attend a blogger conference. (I kinda have my heart set on this one.)

Are you setting any interesting goals for yourself over the next year?

Let me know what they are! 🙂





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Hey everyone! How are you doing?

I am loving this beautiful weather! 🙂 Yesterday I had the chance to see my best blend! For those of you not in the blog word blog + friend = blend! 😉

We went to a newer place called First Watch, which is only open for breakfast and lunch–and has a huge menu of fresh and healthy dishes! Muy bueno!

Stole this picture from Katie!

We always have a good time…girl talk, fitmixer, cliquey girls, ya know.

I rolled with the Market hash–and chose the poached eggs. It was yummy!

Afterwards we took advantage of the sunshine and walked around the shops…and we made the sad mistake of venturing into ULTA. I obviously did not walk away empty-handed:

This stuff smells sooooo good. It is a leave-in conditioner/detangling spray. I can sense an addiction coming on…

Then today I went out for dinner and drinks with one of my dearest friends, Lindsay, who I worked with at the humane society. Here was the outfit of the day:

Top: Banana Republic

Bottoms: Gap

Bracelet: New York & Co.

Shoes: Target

We enjoyed food our on the patio–gosh, I love summer!!  What do like most about the weather warming up?

Also a few random things:

How can you not love this song? Oh 90’s music–you get me every time.

Have a good night!


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