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25 Goals for 2013

So. I took an unplanned hiatus from the blog world. My deepest apologies–but sometimes life gets in the way. I decided that a fun thing to do with the blog will be to start the new year with a goal list.

Some big things, some small. But overall, all things that I have been wanting to do, and should do, over the next year.

I plan to keep updating the list as I go, and to blog about them as they are crossed off!

And just for fun, why not participate in Katie’s challenge along the way?

Without any futher adieu:

  1. Read all of the books (that I haven’t finished) on my shelf.
  2. Wake up early enough for breakfast before work.
  3. Meal plan for lunches.
  4. Redesign the blog.
  5. Save $2,500
  6. Pay off credit card debt.
  7. Cook a new recipe each month.
  8. Go on a road trip.
  9. Take Garrett to Morraine State Park.
  10. Take a yoga class.
  11. Make a new friend.
  12. Visit two vineyards.
  13. Finish Fitmixer Boot Camp.
  14. Go to three museums in Pittsburgh.
  15. Eat vegetarian for an entire week.
  16. Go rock climbing.
  17. Go snowboarding.
  18. Take Garrett on more walks.
  19. Drink more tea.
  20. Attend a service at a new church.
  21. Call a friend or family member once a week.
  22. Create three projects off Pinterest.
  23. Complete the C25k plan. (I want to enjoy running, I really do! We have a love/hate relationship.)
  24. Go to  a Pens game.
  25. Attend a blogger conference. (I kinda have my heart set on this one.)

Are you setting any interesting goals for yourself over the next year?

Let me know what they are! 🙂





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Sorry that I am so late to the party! I had a post scheduled to go up, but I guess WordPress decided that I didn’t need it!

A lot of you may know, but I was lucky enough to have spent the weekend in Boston at the Healthy Living Summit! This was my second year going, and I had just as much fun meeting new friends and old and learning some fun things along the way!

I arrived in Boston early Friday morning–the whole travel day was incredibly easy! I arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, which had a really cool look to it both inside and out. I  figured it was so early in the morning, but they would let me leave my bag somewhere until check in. The front desk was so helpful and a room was ready at 9 am!

By that point, I was starving–and lucky for me, Meghann was getting some breakfast in the hotel at the same time. We ordered our food to go and hung out in her suite before the craziness began! I went with the caramelized onion and mushroom omelet which also came with potatoes and cranberry pecan bread:


It was really good, and it kept me full for hours. After breakfast Meghann had to go get things ready–she is the rockstar who was in charge of planning the event! I went back up to my room to relax a little but and freshen up before getting started with the day.

Around lunch time a group of us walked about a mile to Whole Foods to grab some lunch and mingle. Let me tell you that this WF didn’t mess around–there was an escalator heading into the store!


I got a pretty small salad and some hummus to enjoy because I was still not hungry from breakfast!

But I did have some great company:


Me, Min, Lisa, and Katie!

After lunch, Emma from whole foods talked to us about natural beauty products and the importance of putting healthy, whole ingredients on our face every day. Makes total sense, right!? They also gave us some free samples to try out at home, can’t wait to use some!

We headed back to the hotel and got checked in, and got our SWAG! Our sponsors were so awesome and gave us lots of things to try out, including some new kicks form REEBOK!

Check out all that loot!! And it was like they knew that my favorite color was purple! Thank you so much to our sponsors, again!

Later that evening we had a cocktail party, which only would be having light food–so a few of us grabbed some dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, I rolled with the New England Clam Chowder and a side salad!

It hit the spot! We all got ready and had a glass of wine before heading down to the party. It was a great time and we all got to mingle and shake our booties!

Sara, Katie, me, and Alaina

They had some great desserts including some mini whoopee pies and a popcorn/chocolate bar…genius!

Sadly, I didn’t take too many pictures because it was pretty dark and I was busy mingling, but you get the idea!

I will be back later with more on the Summit–day 2!



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Meet-up and new buys!

Hey everyone!

Anyone else have a serious case of the Monday’s?! I did. Always a bummer after a fun weekend! I met up with some lovelies from the blog world! I met Claire and Beth for the first time, and got to see Katie again! I haven’t seen her since we met at HLS–but now she lives close! I can’t wait to meet up again. Anyone else in the Pittsburgh area? We would love for you to join us next time!

I was a little nervous at first–I have never had a meet up! But every one was so nice, we chatted all through lunch and then did some shopping! I had the hummus and a caesar salad at Houlihan’s. I love their hummus–they make it to order!

{Stolen from Katie’s blog 😉 }

Then this happened:

I had some good finds at Forever 21!! And I didn’t realize how much Chi Omega is really happening here! Love it! Cardinal and Straw must be on my mind… 🙂

Also…I am getting better at remembering to wear accessories with my outfits–my first experience wearing bangles:

I got a big set of them I mixed and matched from New York & Company–love that store!

And then topped the night off with my Mom making one of my favorite meals:

Shrimp pasta with salad and white zin! Yum!

What are some of your favorite comfort foods?

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I was cruising around Pinterest, which I am still trying to get the hang of, when I came across this blog! It is super cute–and I may just have to keep reading for style help. I am not skilled in the fashion department!

Regardless, as I was reading I came across these questions, so I figured I would answer them!

One. What is your middle name? Lynn
Two. What are you passionate about?
Helping animals! 
Three. Zebra or leopard print?
Four. Do you have any fears?
Bears–I don’t know where or when this started, but the idea of them scares me!
Five. Silver or gold?
White gold!–I am just to pale for gold!
Six. Top three places to visit.
Denver, Seattle, Europe
Seven. How many siblings do you have?
3 older brothers!
Eight. Where are you from?
Pittsburgh!! Born and raised 🙂
Nine. First career you wanted as a child.
I can’t say with certainty–but I remember bringing home a giant stuffed lion from kindergarten and pretending to be a vet!
Ten. What’s your sign?
Leo! Rawr!
Eleven. Future names of your children.
I haven’t put too much thought into this–considering I don’t see myself having children any time soon! But I do like the name Samantha, Sammi for short! And I like the name Ethan for a boy. 🙂
Twelve. Do you have any pets?
Too many! See my About page! 🙂
Thirteen. What are you listening to right now?
“Psych” is playing in the background! Love that show!
Fourteen. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
Too a certain degree, but I think you have to take matters into your own hands sometimes!
Fifteen. What are your career goals?
I would love to get into animal behavior one day–but who knows! I am just getting started!
Sixteen. What is your favorite color?
Dark purple!
Seventeen. What is your favorite flower?
Hmmm. I really like most flowers. But if someone wants to tell me what these are…I like them!

Eighteen. What was the first concert/show you attended?
The Backstreet Boys up at Penn State with my Mom! She broke her wrist the day before..she was a trooper! 🙂
Nineteen. Something you are working on right now.
Making a healthier lifestyle for myself!
Twenty. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
None that I can think of…
Twenty-one. Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early?
I hate to admit it…but I usually procrastinate! A horrible habit that I really need to break!
Twenty-two. Left or right handed?
Twenty-three. TV Shows you watch regularly.
I watch way more TV than I should. Some of my current favorites: NCIS, White Collar, Burn Notice, Suits, Psych, Covert Affairs, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Sing-Off…I could keep going…
Twenty-four. Where do you work?
At a Veterinary hospital!
Twenty-five. Halloween costume idea for this year?
I think going as Velma and Scooby-Doo would be cute for me and Garrett! But really…I have no where to wear it, so I can’t justify spending money!
Twenty-six. What is your relationship status? Single
Twenty-seven. Last movie you just watched. Hmm….probably Harry Potter, I’m not really sure though!
Twenty-eight. Your best friend’s name. Garrett 😉
Twenty-nine. A song that’s been stuck in your head. The theme song from Psych!
Thirty. A book you want to read/have recently read. Started The Hunger Games…can’t wait to dive in!

You should choose some of the questions to answer in the comments! 🙂 Do you use Pinterest? Fill me in on the secret!

Have a great Wednesday!


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