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Race to the finish…

So I was doing my normal Thursday morning blog surfing, and I was leaving a comment…which lead me to a revelation…

…this problem doesn’t happen only with books.

At first I thought I was just being silly, then I realized that this happens all the time! ¬†Reading, cooking, eating mindfully, exercising, in my love life…


…so now to brainstorm ways to follow through.

Two helpful tools just came in the mail from my Amazon cart:


These two things can help me out on some things…but what about others?

I need to think more about the bigger picture. Why am I not following through? How can I change my mind set?

…to be continued…

What do you do to stay focused? How do you follow through?


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So I am trying to figure out the next book I want to read! All based on books that everyone keeps saying that they love! So here are my option!:

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