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Morning all! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

I woke up this morning with a great post idea, but it didn’t quite go as planned. But, stay tuned because I still have hope that it may work out! 🙂 I changed up the idea a bit and came up with the “grocery” post!


I enjoyed a whole wheat bagel thin with cream cheese and some strawberries while I was writing out my grocery list. And as no surprise, I was enjoying my coffee love. I just can’t handle the fact that it going to leave me when summer is over!

I was super excited about my new shopping buddy:

I bought this baby at Marshall’s for around 3 bucks! It has a notepad, pen holder, and holds coupons! Not to mention it is pretty! [notice Garrett is not as excited as I am].

I didn’t feel like dealing with the construction over at Giant Eagle, so I decided to visit one of my favorite local stores!

Soergel’s started as a small local produce market and has expanded into so much more! Their parking lot is always full, and they have a ton of community events for the whole family. All of the workers are always so friendly and helpful–and someone always says “Hi” when you walk in.

I got all of my produce and breads in the main market (where the bakery kindly sliced my bread for me!)–and then bounced over to my favorite branch of the market:

I think the sign speaks for itself. Lurve.

I got all of my other goodies here, and once again–then staff is super-friendly! If they don’t have something that you are looking for, they will get it for you! How awesome.

So here are my purchases today:

Homegrown peaches and watermelon, romaine, dates, bananas (plus some extra for freezing), and 8 grain bread.

Chobani (all my favorites were in stock and Strawberry Banana was on special–bonus!), Amy’s burrito, hummus (which was a bit pricey-but you can’t always win), cottage cheese, Earth Balance, nutritional yeast (which I am totally stoked to try), Sweet potato chips, coconut water (and what I intend to use it for).

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet about slowly making the change to natural beauty products. I wanted to find some shampoo, but they didn’t have any that I would want to try, so I just rolled with some mouthwash.

When I got home–it was still a little too early for lunch. So I had a little something to hold me over:

 Sorry about the blurry pic–clearly I was too busy savoring the taste! 😉

Well I am off to do some laundry and what not before work tonight. Hope you all have a good day!

Do you use natural beauty products? What is a must try?


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