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So if you have been reading my blog or follow me on any social media…you probably have heard of my friend Jake. We went to high school together, and he has qualified for the 2012 Olympic Wrestling team! He is a great guy, and a huge inspiration! I mean how many people can say that they worked their butt off and are living the dream they set off for when they were a kid?!

Being the nice guy that he is–he took some time out of his crazy training schedule to answer some questions for the lil blog…


-What was the moment when it became real that you were going to the Olympics?

I think it might have been at the fundraiser in Pittsburgh when I saw how many people showed up to support me…it was so surreal (over 800 people showed up to show their support!). It still sinks in a little more each day and I think it will peak on the opening ceremonies.  Then it’s enough enjoying my self, and time to get ready to win gold.

-What does a typical day of training look like?

Hard!  It’s not just want I do in a day—it’s the week’s cycle. We lift for 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; wrestle for 2-3 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also have cross training in between, and of course it’s much harder than any other sport in the world!

(PS–having a hard time believing this crazy schedule..you need to watch this. Right now.)

-What foods do you eat to fuel the workouts?

Tons of protein, veggies, fruits, and carbs. Anything that walks or has been grown I have to eat it! We loose about 3-8 pounds per workout depending how high the intensity level is.

-What would be your biggest tip on staying motivated at the Gym? 

For people who are not training for a gold medal its consistency.  You don’t need to kill your self and work out so hard that you can’t walk for a day–that’s my job, haha! Set time to go and do it daily even if it’s just a little or only 45 minutes you can get a lot done. Then that time over a year will really add up and you will feel better and look better as a result. (Amy here…don’t believe what he says?…)

-What has been your favorite part of the Olympic journey so far?

Knowing that for the rest of my life I am an Olympian! No one can ever take that away from me, and that it has made my family, my college, my city, so proud of me.

-What is your mantra to keep yourself going through the time leading up to the Olympics?

Love the quote: “You have to hate loosing more than you love winning.”  


***Want more? Support Jake on his Facebook and Twitter! Let him know you are all watching–and send him some love on the journey! And tune in on August 11th to watch it all go down!***

And if you are in the Pittsburgh area and need a photographer, check out Carmine Sarazen…he took the black and white photos, and does amazing work!

Thank you to Jake for spending the time to answer my questions, and for continuing to impress everyone that you know, and everyone that you haven’t met yet with your charm and talent! Keep up the good work buddy! Can’t wait to see you when you bring the gold back to the ‘Burgh!



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