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I know that I have been slacking on this “blog more often” challenge, but with working and trying to find my “big kid” job–this has taken a back burner.

I have been back from vacation for a 9 days now, and it hardly feels like I did any relaxing at all! Work had been insane and understaffed, so we have all been a little…stressed.

I know I had a post right before vacation asking where I should go..so I figured I would do a little photo recap of what we did!

We ended up having to take a ferry into VT because the bridge had been destroyed by flood waters over the spring….

Garrett was very well-behaved the entire trip–but especially in the car, seeing at it was a 10 hour drive!

The landscapes while driving were just breathtaking!

We spent the first day pretty much just taking in the cabin and hanging out by the dock–the sound of the water was just what we needed!

Garrett really wanted to play with all the sticks, but he wouldn’t get fully in the water! Doesn’t he know that is what Labs are supposed to do?!

My cousin Alli came to visit us, but I didn’t get a picture :(.

We went to visit the Wildflower Farm and Shelburne Vineyards on Monday–the wildflowers were pretty, but not as fun as anticipated (I think it would be more exciting in Spring). But the vineyard tour was really fun–and of course the wine wasn’t too bad either!


The next day we spent the day doing tourist like things as well…

Of course we visited Ben & Jerry’s! It was so much fun–and it didn’t hurt that you get free samples! 🙂 The weather was pretty amazing all week but it was particularly sunny for ice cream day!

 I heard about the Red Onion sandwich from Tina, so we decided to make a bee-line there for lunch when we were visiting the shops at Burlington!

It was just what we needed to trek on with our exploring!

This is what we got to watch every night from the dock–couldn’t have asked for a better view!

 Overall, it was just a very relaxing trip with just a few touristy things thrown in.

I definitely miss my off leash morning runs with Garrett down the causeway.

And I think he misses all of the giant “sticks” to play with  (even though we did bring two of his favorites home as a souvenir! 😉 )

“Please Mom, can’t I keep this one??”

I took over 250 pictures. So I had to just pick some of my favorites! It was an awesome time and I hope to go back one day!


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Getting everything together and packed for vacation! Heading out Friday evening, and then finishing on Saturday morning!

Two things:

1. Has anyone ever vacationed with their dog? Do you have any advice?

2. Ever been to VT? Where do I NEED to go?

Ben & Jerry’s and a winery are pretty much the only things I have committed to, other than relaxing. Any advice is welcomed. Please bear in mind–this is my “Congrats on graduating…again” trip–limited budget. 🙂

Thanks!, xoxo

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