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Hi guys! I was getting so tired last night while writing that post–so I had to give in to the sleepiness! But here is the last of the HLS posts! 😦

Saturday night was SO much fun. Katie, Danielle and I didn’t realize that we should have made a reservation for dinner, so we ended up wandering around for like an hour and a half just trying to find somewhere with less than a two hour wait! One host even laughed a little when I said that I didn’t have a reservation :/ Who does that?!

It all worked out because we ended up going to The Corner (I know, sounds sketchy!) and eating up on the balcony. It wasn’t great service, but I did like the atmosphere.

We all started off with wine. 🙂

{Artsy Fartsy: fail 🙂 }

I ended up choosing the “Seafood Hotdog” because it just sounded interesting. I figured it was either going to be amazing or disgusting, lol. Lucky for me, it was very tasty!

It was served with homemade chips and coleslaw–which were also good! 🙂

And no blogger outing would be complete without FroYo! Seriously.

Cookies & cream/PNB ice cream with crushed Oreos and sprinkles?? Yes, please! It was just as good as it looks! 🙂

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, just in time for Caitlin to call me and say that they were going to a gay bar, and that I should go. When in Rome?

{Photo taken from CaitlinHTP}

It was SO much fun. We danced and sang to Brit, Ke$ha, and Gaga all night! 🙂 After walking around for a long time to find pizza–I promptly face planted in bed. I was pretty excited that the 5K the next morning turned into more of a walk than a run, lol.

{Blogger Lurve <3…pictures stolen from Meghann–who is a ROCKSTAR for planning the whole summit by herself!}

After a walk around Philly and running up the Rocky steps, I couldn’t wait for breakfast! It was an oatmeal bar sponsored by Quaker Oats! So tasty–but I didn’t stop to take pictures. Just having a “Breakfast is my happy hour” moment. 🙂 After say my good bye to everyone, I headed up to pack up all my goodies and head home.

After a long car ride last–I was exhausted. I defintely suffered from a HLS hangover the next day. Can’t wait to go back next year! 🙂



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