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It’s been a while…

Hi everyone, I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. Let me start with–sorry, I’m not sorry!

Life just gets in the way sometimes, things get put on a back burner, etc, etc. Forgive me. 🙂

Let’s just say I have been spending time with family:


bros' gram


Visiting with friends:




Clearing some head space:





…and not taking life to seriously!!

Buuuutttt…I am ready to come back. I have some exciting ideas to recharge my love of blogging and healthy living. So stay tuned!





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Sorry that I am so late to the party! I had a post scheduled to go up, but I guess WordPress decided that I didn’t need it!

A lot of you may know, but I was lucky enough to have spent the weekend in Boston at the Healthy Living Summit! This was my second year going, and I had just as much fun meeting new friends and old and learning some fun things along the way!

I arrived in Boston early Friday morning–the whole travel day was incredibly easy! I arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, which had a really cool look to it both inside and out. I  figured it was so early in the morning, but they would let me leave my bag somewhere until check in. The front desk was so helpful and a room was ready at 9 am!

By that point, I was starving–and lucky for me, Meghann was getting some breakfast in the hotel at the same time. We ordered our food to go and hung out in her suite before the craziness began! I went with the caramelized onion and mushroom omelet which also came with potatoes and cranberry pecan bread:


It was really good, and it kept me full for hours. After breakfast Meghann had to go get things ready–she is the rockstar who was in charge of planning the event! I went back up to my room to relax a little but and freshen up before getting started with the day.

Around lunch time a group of us walked about a mile to Whole Foods to grab some lunch and mingle. Let me tell you that this WF didn’t mess around–there was an escalator heading into the store!


I got a pretty small salad and some hummus to enjoy because I was still not hungry from breakfast!

But I did have some great company:


Me, Min, Lisa, and Katie!

After lunch, Emma from whole foods talked to us about natural beauty products and the importance of putting healthy, whole ingredients on our face every day. Makes total sense, right!? They also gave us some free samples to try out at home, can’t wait to use some!

We headed back to the hotel and got checked in, and got our SWAG! Our sponsors were so awesome and gave us lots of things to try out, including some new kicks form REEBOK!

Check out all that loot!! And it was like they knew that my favorite color was purple! Thank you so much to our sponsors, again!

Later that evening we had a cocktail party, which only would be having light food–so a few of us grabbed some dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, I rolled with the New England Clam Chowder and a side salad!

It hit the spot! We all got ready and had a glass of wine before heading down to the party. It was a great time and we all got to mingle and shake our booties!

Sara, Katie, me, and Alaina

They had some great desserts including some mini whoopee pies and a popcorn/chocolate bar…genius!

Sadly, I didn’t take too many pictures because it was pretty dark and I was busy mingling, but you get the idea!

I will be back later with more on the Summit–day 2!



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Hey friends! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty laid back since I worked yesterday and the weather was pretty crappy!

However, I did go out with my friend Julia who was home for the last couple of weeks before going back to grad school… 😔

We went to one of my favorite places for dinner–Ichiban Steakhouse. I normally roll with the steakhouse dinner, but instead we rolled with some sushi! 😉

I started with the seaweed salad…holy yum. I didn’t know what to expect with the taste, but it was so good. I will be having this again.


As for our rolls, we decided on American Dream roll, Beauty and the Beast, and the Panda roll…


I think my favorite was the American Dream…can’t wait to try some more.


Afterwards we went to a semi new bar close to my house called Bonnie & Clyde’s…it was a cool place, even though the creepers were out in full force. 😉

I am sad that Julia is going back to school so soon, can’t wait to see her again!!


What is your favorite sushi?

Also, don’t forget about Katie’s challenge… #teatime12


I made some ginger iced tea…sweetened with a little bit of vanilla stevia…delicious and refreshing!

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Hey everyone! How are you doing?

I am loving this beautiful weather! 🙂 Yesterday I had the chance to see my best blend! For those of you not in the blog word blog + friend = blend! 😉

We went to a newer place called First Watch, which is only open for breakfast and lunch–and has a huge menu of fresh and healthy dishes! Muy bueno!

Stole this picture from Katie!

We always have a good time…girl talk, fitmixer, cliquey girls, ya know.

I rolled with the Market hash–and chose the poached eggs. It was yummy!

Afterwards we took advantage of the sunshine and walked around the shops…and we made the sad mistake of venturing into ULTA. I obviously did not walk away empty-handed:

This stuff smells sooooo good. It is a leave-in conditioner/detangling spray. I can sense an addiction coming on…

Then today I went out for dinner and drinks with one of my dearest friends, Lindsay, who I worked with at the humane society. Here was the outfit of the day:

Top: Banana Republic

Bottoms: Gap

Bracelet: New York & Co.

Shoes: Target

We enjoyed food our on the patio–gosh, I love summer!!  What do like most about the weather warming up?

Also a few random things:

How can you not love this song? Oh 90’s music–you get me every time.

Have a good night!


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Bakery Heaven!

Morning loves!

So last night my friend Megan and I went to a new to us bakery for some coffee and chatting! We usually end up at Starbucks, so we wanted to switch things up. And I am SO glad that we did. Because let me just tell you about this place, actually…let me show you:

There were 3 cases worth of sweets to choose from.  Megan chose to go with a red velvet cupcake:

And I rolled with a chocolate chip scone:

It was the size of my face.

And I also got the coffee special–which was a cinnamon bun latte. HOLY YUM!

We of course spent the evening laughing and chatting about random things! Always good to spend time with friends to relax after working.

Well I am off to finish packing for Philadelphia! I get to spend the whole weekend with my Big! Excited to have her show me around her town and venture to NYC!

Hope you have a good day!


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Meet-up and new buys!

Hey everyone!

Anyone else have a serious case of the Monday’s?! I did. Always a bummer after a fun weekend! I met up with some lovelies from the blog world! I met Claire and Beth for the first time, and got to see Katie again! I haven’t seen her since we met at HLS–but now she lives close! I can’t wait to meet up again. Anyone else in the Pittsburgh area? We would love for you to join us next time!

I was a little nervous at first–I have never had a meet up! But every one was so nice, we chatted all through lunch and then did some shopping! I had the hummus and a caesar salad at Houlihan’s. I love their hummus–they make it to order!

{Stolen from Katie’s blog 😉 }

Then this happened:

I had some good finds at Forever 21!! And I didn’t realize how much Chi Omega is really happening here! Love it! Cardinal and Straw must be on my mind… 🙂

Also…I am getting better at remembering to wear accessories with my outfits–my first experience wearing bangles:

I got a big set of them I mixed and matched from New York & Company–love that store!

And then topped the night off with my Mom making one of my favorite meals:

Shrimp pasta with salad and white zin! Yum!

What are some of your favorite comfort foods?

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Design help!

So I need your help.

I am trying to redo my room a bit…and it seems to be coming along pretty well, except I can’t decide where to hang some pictures. Here is that I have so far…

 New, and much smaller desk from Ikea! Really gives me more room. Since I really only use my desk for my lap top–and not school work! 🙂

I moved my bed and need to re-center the pictures….but you get the idea.

I’m thinking of hanging the pictures below on the blank spot between the dresser and bookshelf…and my other option is the other wall beside my bed…(That is where I need your help!)

I clearly still need to put them into frames…but you get the idea.

So what do you think? Any other ideas of what I should so with the room?

I am off to eat some breakfast and get ready to go horseback riding with some friends from my old job, can’t wait! 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday! I know someone who is ready for a lazy Sunday…


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