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Day two of HLS proved to be even more awesome than the first–I am just going to touch on some of my favorite points!

We started the morning off right with a breakfast bar hosted by Attune!

There was all kinds of cereal, granola, yogurts and fruit to choose from!

I rolled with some honey and almond granola, blueberry yogurt and some fruit. And a little of this…

…Mmmm hmmm. A non-fat vanilla latte was needed! PS–you know you are at a blogging conference when you look around and everyone is taking pictures of their food before eating it! 🙂

After getting our eat on and doing some icebreakers, we got started with the sessions! The morning started out with “Budgeting for a healthy lifestyle” with Lauren:

She had some really great pointers–and I made sure to take lots of notes! 🙂

I must say that this was one of my favorite sessions, I learned some interesting stuff!

The next session was run by Dawn, who is just a ball of sunshine! I am so glad that I got to meet her, and that we all had the pleasure of listening to her twice!

The first of the talks was about using “Action Mantras”.  It is about using small phrases in your every day life to help keep you one track and get results! Here are some of the examples that she gave:

  • “Table-plate-chair”
  • “Nourish what counts”
  • “Habit first, effort later”
  • “Social sweets only”
  • “Simple flavors satisfy”
  • “Everyday veggie tray”
  • “Avoid what you like, eat what you love.”
The point is to make mantras that people can remember, and that can inspire in some way. Mantra should be easy to memorize, use colorful language, and be positive and fun!
Next up, we took a lunch break–and thank goodness, my stomach was letting me know I was hungry!
Lunch had all vegetarian options–and the bread was especially tasty:

  And look who sat next to me:

Tina! 🙂 She really is as nice in person as on her blog! {nerd alert, I know.}

I also got a cute picture with the roomies!

And as an extra surprise…look what I found!

I wonder how that got there? 🙂

Next up we got back to some sessions.

We got to listen to Dawn’s second presentation, “Realistic and Achievable Wellness”.   It was interesting to see so many people in the room realize that they in fact were “flexitarians”. The main concept here is that being a flexitarian you are “pro-plant, not anti-meat”! Who knew?!

She also gave some great tips on veggie swaps in exchange for meats:

It was a really great talk, and I think I will be buying the book.

The last session of the day was led by the wonderful Katy Widrick. She had so much good information about making money off of your blog, but I think I need to do a lot more research! I found some of it to be really confusing, haha.

The sessions were ending, but there was still more fun to be had! I got to meet this lovely lady:

It at was going by so fast! But there was more fun to be had! I will be back tomorrow morning with a recap of Saturday night and the conclusion of HLS! 🙂

For now…goodnight!




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