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Chinese Friday!

Hi everyone!

(Can we talk about how my eyes look two different colors?!)

How is your Halloweekend going? Any fun parties? What did you dress up as? No celebrating for me this year! May take Bailey to work on Monday for our Halloween party… 

So last night, after a long week, I was hungry for some Chinese take-out. I called a place that is about 5 minutes from my house for delivery (it’s ok to be lazy)!! They said that delivery was taking an hour or so, so Mom and I decided that we should just go eat there! We were really glad that we did, too!

Dinner was so yummy, and it was good to get out of the house (the pics were taken on my iPhone–sorry for the poor quality!):

 My Mom got stuffed mushrooms–they were huge! And that flower was made from a radish, how cool?!

I got the Schezwuan shrimp with carrots and peppers, and brown rice. Not pictured–California Roll (we shared) and ginger salad!

“Get to the point and keep it clear and simple.” Ironic that the picture is so blurry? Haha.

I also got this the other day:

I tried to make an Almond Joy Latte–epic fail. I need ideas for that to use this in! 🙂

Hope you have a great Saturday! And be safe if you are celebrating tonight!



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Hi there, hope you all had a nice Sunday!

I did lots of relaxing–and nothing too productive. I did go get some fro-yo with Meg:

 Peanut Butter and cookies and cream with some mini chocolate chips! Yum. But that little cookie thing on top–not so good. It was a majah letdown.

After hanging out and chatting for a while I decided to impromptu go out to the new LA Fitness and check it out. I was pretty impressed, I just wish there was an indoor track. I got a pretty good deal, and I’m excited about heading out there tomorrow! 🙂


 Shrimp pasta and garlic bread…one of my favorite indulgent meals!

 Same salad as last night, but with caesar dressing.

And to top it off:

The drink I have been talking about making! It was very good, but I think would be better served outside on a hot day–rather than the gloomy day that has been happening over here!

Blog dogs (having a lazy Sunday, too):

They spend hours looking out that window.

Well I am going to go read and enjoy the rest of my night before a crazy yet exciting week!

First time going to the gym tomorrow–what is a good elliptical work out I should try?

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